Voice Changer Software help and info

  • How can I save my recording in other formats?

    Save your recorded files as MP3. If you wish to save in other formats, you will need VCS DIAMOND and VCS GOLD features. The version you are downloading from here is the free preview version that gives you a rough idea of how the program works.

  • What are the main system requirements for using AV Voice Changer Software?

    The minimum requirements needed are 256 MB RAM, a microphone, a full-duplex soundcard, a 1 GHz CPU and 100 MB hard disk space. This means that even very old computers may use this Voice Changer Software.

  • When using voice chat, how do I use VCS?

    You need to open the VCS tool, adjust the pitch/timbre, pick your voice and adjust the features until you are happy with the sound of the voice you are creating. Once that part has been done, you will need to activate the voice chat app and start having a conversation. Your voice will change straight away when you are using VCS if you are speaking into a microphone. You can use this same process to change your voice on your mobile phone so long as you are speaking into the primary microphone and so long as the Voice Changer Software is activated.

  • When I am gaming, will I be able to use the VCS with the chat application?

    You are able to use the VCS to make different voices for your gaming characters. Here are the three main voice communication applications that VCS is compatible with, there is Teamspeak, Roger Wilco and the Ventrilo.

  • Is it possible to sing with karaoke software and create different voices using VCS?

    VCS can be used on a PC karaoke players since it can be used if the PC line-out is fastened to the karaoke machine or is linked with the karaoke software. Be aware that while the karaoke is active at the same time as the VCS software, you will only be able to modify the voice singing into the microphone and not song or the background music.

  • Why does My Yahoo Messenger stops working when I turn on my Voice Changer Software?

    Check you haven't got the older version of VCS, you can go to the download page to get the upgrade the voice changer to make sure you have the latest version. You will need to contact the support team to get more help if this does not fix it.

  • When I sing and change songs...some of the song sound ugly, why?

    All you need to do is adjust the Advanced Tune. Try turning the advanced tune down to 0, and this should make it stop. It may be conflict between the auto-tune on a song and this software.

  • When VCS is running, how do I stop the noise in the background?

    It will help if you open the volume control, go onto the “Option menu,” click on “Properties” and then click “Recording.” Press “OK” then the Recording Control will pop up, you must select the “Microphone” and move its volume down until the background noise isn't there anymore.

  • How can I record and save the changed voices I have made?

    You will need to open the Voice Changer Software, make any changes you want to your voice, and then run the VCS Recorder. Speak into the microphone by singing or talking. While you are doing that, press the Record button. Once completed, press the “Stop” button and the recording will be on the VCS filing system.

  • Why do the recordings sound nothing like what I created?

    When listening to your recording, don't forget to turn off the morphing effects. Or, try playing the recordings when the Voice Changer Software program is not activated.

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